Jaguar XJ12, XJ8, X300 and X308 tech writeups:

A few notes first:

All things shown or advice given on this internet site is to give you ideas of what can be done. They may not be suited to your vehicle, or your level of skill or even legal in your State or country. I do not endorse any modification/repair shown on this site. You assume all responsibility for any modifications/repairs that you make to your vehicle, and must understand the consequences of each modification/repair you make. I cannot be held responsible for your interpretation of these articles, or your implementation of these modifications/repairs. Anyone who does not have the proper training or background in automotive work should not undertake any mechanical project without proper supervision and instruction. I accept no responsibility or liability for incorrect part numbers, torque values, or any other information. It is advised that any information presented should be verified with official or expert sources. It is up to you to make sure anything shown needs engineering approval or advice before using it. You are responsible for your own actions.

-Never crawl under a vehicle that is only supported by a jack. Use jack stands

-Use anti-sieze as much as possible

-If you can't get a nut or bolt lose, spray it with PBlaster and come back later. If necessary use heat.

-Having the right tools makes the job much easier

-Have a fire extinguisher handy. Cleaners, penetrating oils, gas can catch fire easier than you think... don't ask how I know.

-Make sure you know torque specifications.. Don't just guess at it

-Don't rush a job

If you find any infromation presented here incorect or if you have a addition, please e-mail me

Rear shock replacement X300/X308

Rear shock replacement X300/X308 (PDF)

Heater hose replacement X308

Heater hose replacement X308 (PDF)

Front shock replacment X308

Front shock replacment X308 (PDF)

Timing chain and tensioner replacement X308

Timing chain and tensioner replacement X308 (PDF)

Wiper motor replacement X308